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I'm sick, the car's sick, we're all sick

Just venting.

I seem to be coming down with the illness-de-semaine that is going on at work (half the office was out yesterday). Had a car appt this morning to fix some stuff and I went but I was feeling so awful I had to have them stop after one repair and go home. I just could not sit there another 2 hours, even with my most excellent book in hand. Dropping it off again Tuesday to finish up. Least they have a shuttle to the metro so I can drop it off, zip to work, and shuttle back. Right now though, major ugh. Can't get warm...drinking tea, bundled up and heat blasting. Brain is so foggy I dunno how I'm gonna get my finals done...grr!

How microsoft makes its moolah


For all the MS stuff we get shoved in our faces, it's Windows OS, Office, and Windows Server edition that make all the money. Xbox isn't even a blip on the radar.


random neighbor singing Lady Gaga songs off key as he walks down the stairs...ok then O.o

*extension dance*

I got an extension ya!


I am in love with this song and I don't know why. And I don't need to know why ;) I even went as far as to order the CD from Portugal as it wasn't available anywhere digitally.



How not to powerpoint

My algorithms professor showed this in class this week ;)

Much <3

Much <3 to shimmering81 and mechadragon on this very special day :D

I have been thinking of you 2 today.


Book nerdiness time.

The Gathering Storm, part 1 of A Memory of Light, the last Robert Jordan book (RIP) is up for preorder on Amazon now (AND is 10 bucks off if you preorder). *preorders*


I haven't read anything by Brandon Sanderson, the guy chosen to finish up all of RJs partially written book, been too distracted by other books atm (been on quite a Feist and Tad Williams kick lately).

alesta didn't you say you were looking into his stuff to see how it was?


Heck yah

david bowie

Hogwarts could use a lil Dance magic ;)

I <3 Labyrinth. I remember seeing it on TV some morning really early when I was 7? 8? and it made SUCH an impression on me.


Living room :)

Today I went exploring, found the AC Moore (craft store) and got some pillow inserts to get my new pillows on my new couch :)

Ignore the mess of books and the stuffed dragon (Sparky!) on my side table peeking in ;)

I think I may get some plain chocolate brown pillows (to match the swirly stripe) to kinda fill in the rest because it really is a big couch and I prolly should have gotten a bigger size in the pillows, but oh well I love the fabric :D